As a marketing agency owner, I spend thousands every year on stock images, videos, and even sound effects. Most of that $ is spent on a major stock photo site called iStockPhoto, owned by Getty Images. Recently searching for an image, I came across this ugly antisemitic cartoon in iStock's collection. It's called "Evil Jew". The title on their website is "The evil jew man threatens with his hand - Illustration". I contacted the company several times and they haven't even acknowledged or replied to this, and the image remains on the site for sale.... You can check it out here: It's sad that Getty Images makes racist stereotypes available where students and kids can buy them. And doesnt this violate our hate laws as well? If you buy stock pics... and even if you dont... make your voice heard to iStock Getty Images on and and let them know this garbage is unacceptable

13 février à 00:00
anti antisemitism hate discoursdehaine


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