24 novembre, 2014
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24 novembre 2014 à 12:20

10th December is the International Human Rights Day, the remarkable day when in 1948 the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In December the Hate Speech Watch dedicates its activities to speaking up for Human Rights online and we invite all followers to report any online Human Right violations on the Internet. Report content that is using freedom of expression to justify hate speech against any group of people based on characteristics, stereotypes or prejudice. Speak up for dignity of all humans and do not ignore hate speech. For recommended action visit the main page of this website and click on the Action Week button in the upper right corner.

The truth is, that there is a connection between poverty, starvation, migration, lack of employment and education, lack of proper living standards, abuse of speech, erosion of privacy, arbitrariness and human rights! Hate speech, hatred and hate crime will not solve these problems. No human right violation act can be justified by extreme ideas, beliefs or prejudices. We must understand that we are all different and all equal, and any other approach will inevitably lead to tragedy, loss and failiure.The celebration of this memorable day should remind us again and again the positive power of Human Rights for every single citizen of the world, no matter what the race, colour, gender, religion, sexual orientation, national or social background, wealth, health, birth or other status of that person is, and the negative power of words that may result in harm, isolation, degrading treatment and violence thus our common faliure of living in dignity. On this occasion the Movement will aim to collect new reports on human rights violations that are connected with hate speech online to learn about all the possible violations of human rights that happen both in online and offline dimensions. We invite you to find new cases of abuse of speech online and report it in the Hate Speech Watch. We will choose some reports for which appropriate actions will be taken for the content to be deleted or to be highlighted for awareness raising or education. We all must learn to understand that our own rights start with protecting others!Join the European Action Week of the No Hate Speech Movement for Human Rights Online in December and speak up for Human Rights.Report Hate Speech and defend human rights both in online and offline!


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